The PROuD project is one of the 15 Large Scale Demonstration projects that have been selected for co-financing by the SESAR JU (SJU), which coordinates the SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) programme.

The Project answers to the Lot 2 requirements of the SJU Call for Proposal for Large Scale Demonstration activities to be executed in the timeframe 2014-2016, dedicated to “Precision Arrival and Departure Procedures” bringing safety and economic improvements to small size airports and heliports already applying or implementing satellite rotorcraft operations.

In relation to the ATM Master Plan, the demonstration foreseen in the project will cover the “Approach Procedures with vertical guidance” area.

The coordination on the PROuD side within the SESAR Programme will be pursued both at OFA and at Project Levels in the first phase of the project and it is facilitated by the SESAR PM and ATM experts, who are rightly supporting the exchange of information within the Programme activities.

The project will provide results that have the ambition to represent a reference for rotorcraft operators, paving the way for further operational campaigns and for the deployment in other European scenarios of the relevant SESAR demonstrated change.

Which are the project expected outcomes?