PROuD Project is divided into three main phases.


Procedures design and validation

PROuD will develop new instrument approach and departure procedures for specific sites: Samedan airport and Chur hospital in Switzerland, Lørenskog and Ullevål helipads in Norway.

Procedures safety and technical validation will be assured by local safety assessments, real time simulations and flight tests.


Flight trials

The designed procedures will be flown by REGA and NLA helicopters, in a minimum of 80 trials in Switzerland and Norway, with a view to demonstrate improved safety, availability, accessibility and weather resilience.

The selected areas for PROuD live trial demonstrations are representative of the type of environment and operations which will greatly benefit from the project results:

  • Samedan (Engadin airport – LSZS) – situated in the Engadin valley, surrounded by a mountainous region wherein the flight procedures and aircraft performances are very strongly affected by the natural obstacles. The Engadin airport is the highest elevated airport in Europe (elevation 5.600ft AMSL). Chur hospital is located in the northern part of the Swiss canton of Graubünden.
  • Lørenskog (helipad – ENLX) – located in the Southern of Norway where a low level routing structure exists for use by the Norwegian Air Ambulance to connect hospital heliports throughout the region. Together with Ullevål helipad, it serves approximately 35% of the Norwegian population when it comes to severe injuries.

During flights, information about flight performances, EGNOS coverage reliability and human performance will be collected.

Data analysis and results


Based on data gathered during the trials, PROuD will assess the impact of the new procedures on:

  • Flight safety
  • Helipads accessibility and availability
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Flight efficiency
  • Predictability of operations
  • Crew performances

and compare them with visual operations performances, delivering conclusions on the feasibility and operational benefits of the new instrumental procedures in the tested sites and across Europe.


PROuD is part of a broader programme. Discover more on SESAR.