Who would take advantages from the implemented results of the PROuD project? First and foremost time-critical patients with injuries or acute symptoms who could receive a more efficient assistance and pilots who could execute safer missions.

Moreover an undeniable economic advantage as the overall costs for these patients could be reduced, thank to a well-timed intervention of the Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) and a faster and safer arrival at the competent hospital.

A brief summary of project’s outcomes is provided in this page. For more details please contact stefano.bonelli@dblue.it.

Flight Campaigns

  • Switzerland (first campaign), 20-22/07/2015, Samedan airport and Chur hospital
  • Switzerland (second campaign), 21/04/2016, Samedan airport
  • Norway, 08-09/06/2015, Lørenskog and Ullevål heliports



The high level results of the project have been summarised in this poster.

A detailed summary of project activities, results and recommendations has been provided during the final communication event. The presentations given are freely available on Slideshare.


The detailed official final Report of the PROuD project will soon bee available.

Five partners are involved in the project...